Have you injured yourself during any sports activity or practice? At YB Therapy, I offer help you with top-class sports therapy to help improve the health. Feel free to book an appointment to recover from the injury.

Resolve your sports injury
Are you suffering from a recent sports injury? Do you want professional support to keep you performing at your best? I can help you with your requirements. I am qualified to offer you with the right massages to help you get back on your feet and back in the game. Don't let your injury get in the way of your career. Deal with your injury as soon as possible to avoid any undesirable situation. Visit me today for an affordable sports injury treatment.

  • Can help enhance function by stimulating the muscles
  • Provides relief to muscle strain (i.e. torn muscle)
  • Helping to improve posture
  • Can help increase motion in the joints
  • Enhancing sporting performance
  • Works away the aches and pains

SPORTS THERAPY "Simple work that brings dramatic results"